Do E-Commerce products feel unreal from your computer screens, Test them in real life

In these days E-commerce is becoming highly popular, yet furniture is not getting popular because, people believe that they do not 'get what they see' and nothing other than this app can be a clearer solution. E-comm is cheap and this app is free, so its a win win


With a bare staff of 3 technical experts, the blend is highly commended upon. With future tie ups with pepperfry and urbanladder, oone can only imagine the company's growth rate.


However much practical you are, perfection is unattainable when there is a lack of fire withiin our souls. This fire moulds this product giving such sleek design as a finish


Not only being limited to one product display, the app offers a varied finish experience. AR is the future and we hope to be the leaders in its maturisation period.

To pack and go is not about abandoning your comfort zone, but realizing it extends much further than you ever imagined.